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    Murder victim identified 55 years later

    'Jane Doe's' Nude, Battered Body Identified 55 Years Later - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - FOXNews.com

    "Jane Doe" Identified 55 Years Later

    Police on a cold case hunt have finally identified a woman whose nude and battered body was found along a creek 55 years ago but it's not closed they want to name the killer.

    She was buried under a headstone that read "Jane Doe" and remained anonymous until a DNA test revealed that she was Dorothy Gay Howard of Phoenix, officials announced Wednesday. She had been reported missing in March 1954.

    The ID was resolved by the Boulder County Sheriff's Department, Internet research and the persistence of local historian Silvia Pettem. Sheriff Joe Pelle, whose department renewed efforts five years ago to find out who she was, said a relatives provided the genetic sample.

    Sheriff's Cmdr. Rick Brough said it was gratifying to finally know who the woman was. But he added "it's not closed yet;" the department still wants to find Howard's killer.

    "With her identification, a major piece of the puzzle has been added," said detective Steve Ainsworth, the lead investigator.

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    Hopefully the murderer left some of his DNA on her. Might make it easier to find him. Unless he is already dead.

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