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The Police chief is furious and announced that he has initiated investigations into the officers involved, and suggested suspension or termination may be in the officer's futures.

Personally, I don't see a problem with it, I think it's a good idea. If you're here, you should speak English. If I went to China, France, Germany, Russia, I would at least try to speak the native language. I might not be good at it, I might even butcher it, but at least if I'm going to be in another country i'm going to make an effort to speak the language spoken there.

What i'm most upset with is the police chief and the media alike making this into a witch hunt. They keep saying the people were cited because they didn't speak English. That's not the reason they were pulled over. More so, if the chief has a problem with his officers writing that ticket charge, maybe instead of acting like a political kiss ass he should stand up for his officers and say they did nothing wrong, and then work to remove the ordinance so that his officers can't use it. Seriously, don't hate the officers, they are doing their jobs, hate the law that didn't specify "for CDL operators only" when it was enacted. Maybe he should quit persecuting his officers and fix the law. I feel sorry for Dallas officers right now. Everything i'm seeing and reading in the news makes their chief out to be....