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    Man defecates by the Hall of Justice to make a political statement

    A cleaning worker at the Hall of Justice looked outside late Tuesday night and caught sight of a different kind of moon.

    Darwin Shum allegedly had his pants down and was defecating on the concrete veranda just north of the entrance at about 11:30 p.m.

    The cleaning personnel contacted the police inside the building, and a sergeant went out and caught the 46-year-old in the act, Officer Katherine Finnell said.

    Police cited Shum, of 821 G St., about a block from the Hall of Justice, for defecating in public.

    If convicted, he would face a minimum of a $100 fine by city ordinance.

    Finnell said police didnít believe Shum was making a political statement or intoxicated at the time.

    And it apparently wasnít the first time Shum felt the need to go outside. Chief Tom Casady said Lincoln police have ticketed him for urinating in public six times.

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    A friend told me that someone did that at his workplace. They took a big steaming dump on the table in a meeting room.



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