VIENNA (Reuters) Iran's belated revelation of a new uranium enrichment site raises concern about possible further secret nuclear sites, according to a U.N. nuclear watchdog report obtained by Reuters on Monday .
It said Iran had told the International Atomic Energy Agency that it had begun building the bunkered site near Qom in 2007 -- but the IAEA had evidence the project had begun in 2002, paused in 2004 and resumed in 2006. Iran revealed the site's existence in September.
The report said Iran had provided full access for IAEA inspectors on their first visit to the Qom site three weeks ago, but had yet to provide full, credible answers to verify that the plant was only for civilian purposes.
"The agency has indicated (to Iran) that its declaration of the new facility reduces the level of confidence in the absence of other nuclear facilities under construction and gives rise to questions about whether there were any other nuclear facilities not declared to the agency," the report said.
Iran's failure to inform the agency of its decision to build or authorize construction of a sensitive nuclear facility as soon as the decision was made was "inconsistent" with its transparency obligations to the U.N. watchdog, it said.

Secrecy raises fears of more Iran atom sites: IAEA - Yahoo! News

I don't know about anyone else but I am sick and tired of hearing this kind of crap. Watchdog? These folks couldn't find their asses with both hands and a road atas. Does our government actually think Iran will actually comply in some way?
Attention! Iran has secret nuclear sites! And your ass is just south of your waistband.

No stupid. It's behind you, not in the front.