As part of the investigation into the remains of 11 women found inside and outside the Cleveland, Ohio, home of a registered sex offender, police have turned to the self-described "bug guy."

Joe Keiper, curator of invertebrate zoology from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, started consulting with law enforcement in 2001. His job is to identify the bugs found on bodies and determine their age, to help police determine the "post-mortem interval": the time between death and body discovery.

It's a grisly task but a useful one, as it can help police determine a timeline for deaths.

Bugs "can be the most important evidence when it comes to pinpointing a timeline," Keiper said, adding that bugs' sense of smell "puts bloodhounds to shame."

And in this case, with 11 deaths -- each with their own mystery -- bugs could play a huge role in helping investigators figure out how and when each of these bodies ended up at the home of Anthony Sowell, 50.
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