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    Wink Latest Tactic Against Taliban? Trash Talking!

    “The previous day, a handful of insurgents in a nearby village had made the mistake of shooting at a pair of [U.S.] Kiowa Warrior helicopters,” Army Times’ ace Sean Naylor reports. The American forces didn’t just counterattack, killing one militant and detaining three more. They rolled through the town’s main street, parading the Taliban’s captured guns and blaring from their loudspeakers: “We took these weapons from the dead Taliban that decided to fight Task Force Legion, and we took them from the cowardly Taliban that surrendered to us.”
    Now the soldiers are also passing out cards to local tribal leaders:

    The cards show pictures of a Stryker and an OH-58D firing on the left, with photographs of U.S. troops hosting a shura and handing out gifts to children on the right, accompanied by the words, “We’re not going anywhere — it’s your choice,” in English and Pashto.
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    Doing whatever it takes, sounds good to me.

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