BART Officer, Suspect Bloodied In Scuffle

A Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer was injured while removing an unruly passenger from a train Saturday evening during a bizarre incident captured on video, and authorities told CBS 5 that the same man had been arrested earlier in the day for assaulting a person aboard a SamTrans bus.

Officers responding to a report of a disturbance at the West Oakland station found 37-year-old Michael Joseph Gibson of San Leandro, who appeared to be intoxicated, challenging others to fight and yelling racial slurs and profanity, according to BART police Cmdr. Daniel Hartwig.

BART Officer, Suspect Bloodied In Scuffle -

Of course, his family is claiming police brutality and excessive use of force.

Sister, Lawyer: BART Officer Used Excessive Force -

Glad to see that there are citizens willing to step in and help the officer, if needed and not give a damn about the dirtbag. Dirtbag broke the window himself. You-tube title is misleading.

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