The prosecution had built its case on DNA evidence linking both defendants to the attack.

They argued that Meredith Kercher was an unwilling participant in a sex game that escalated into violence.

Prosecutors played heavily on Amanda Knox's personality, her sexual habits, her drug-taking and party lifestyle.

A vociferous campaign was started in Knox's home state of Washington to support her

Pair convicted of Kercher murder

They painted a picture of the American student as a she-devil, using terms that would probably not be allowed in a UK or US court.

They said they were exposing Knox as manipulative and promiscuous - but her supporters argued she was the victim of a vicious character assassination.

Much of the evidence centred around the murder weapon which the prosecution said was a kitchen knife found in Sollecito's apartment.

It had Knox's DNA on the handle and a tiny amount of Miss Kercher's DNA on the tip.

But the defence tried to cast doubt on the scientific evidence, saying it wasn't reliable enough to support a conviction.

For example, the DNA trace said to be from Miss Kercher was so small it was destroyed in testing.

The defence also said the knife didn't match two of the major wounds suffered by the Leeds University student.
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