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    Trooper hit by flying tire on Ohio Turnpike

    Posted on Sat, Apr. 08, 2006

    Associated Press

    MAUMEE, Ohio - A tire that flew off a semitrailer on the Ohio Turnpike hit a state trooper who had made a traffic stop, breaking a collarbone, authorities said.

    Trooper Thomas Vaculik, 23, had pulled over a vehicle suspected of speeding about 5:18 a.m. Friday near Maumee, about 10 miles southwest of Toledo, authorities said. After Vaculik had gotten out of his cruiser, a semitrailer drove by in the westbound lane.

    A pair of right rear tires came off the semitrailer and one of them struck the patrol car, bounced off and hit Vaculik, the State Highway Patrol said.

    "He didn't know what hit him," said Trooper John Hernandez with the patrol in Swanton.

    Vaculik was treated for a fractured right collarbone and severe bruises on his biceps. He was released from a Toledo hospital Friday, Hernandez said.

    The driver of the semitrailer, Robert Logan of Toledo, apparently was unaware what happened and continued driving for about 60 miles, Hernandez said.

    Toll collectors at the Ohio-Indiana line told Logan that tires were missing from his tractor-trailer. At their request, he pulled over and was later interviewed by troopers, Hernandez said.

    No charges have been filed. The case remains under investigation, Hernandez said.


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    Dang - what're the odds of that happening? Glad the trooper is ok - those are some big tires!



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