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    Gotta Love drunks. Is God on their side

    A Wisconsin man is traveling his state and the country talking about the danger of binge drinking. The fact he's alive, let alone talking, is nothing short of amazing.

    Matthew Mathe, 27, nearly died eight months ago after a night of binge drinking. He was in a parking garage when he jumped from the fourth floor railing , apparently oblivious to his location.

    A rotating surveillance camera just happened to record Matt as he fell, "I think the only reason I was in that ramp is that I was looking for my car. Thankfully I never found it. But it doesn't take a car to cause a major accident and I'm lucky to be alive."

    Matt dropped four floors and landed on a pile of wood chips, which is probably one reason he survived. A firefighter just happened to find him lying there unconscious.

    He broke various bones and believes he was just minutes away from death when the firefighter happened by.

    Video http://www.kare11.com/video/player.aspx?aid=25237&bw=

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    Reminds me of the town drunk walking down a double yellow in pitch black one night. A F-250 Super Duty, hit him with the mirror going 55. No standard mirror, but one of the huge horse trailer mirrors. He didn't get a scratch. It knocked him over the guardrail into a ditch. He was just really drunk and limber.

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    When I started work yesterday morning, a co worker called me for a "ride". APparently, she wasn't at her house after her night of drinking. I went and picked her up, took her home, and then she realizes she needs her vehicle. So, I take her to where her car is parked. The entire time I'm driving, I notice she's got slow motor movements, very giggling, laughing at basically everything I say, and leaning on the inside of the vehicle instead of sitting up. When I got her to her car I said "alright, before you leave in your car, I'm giving you a PBT". Well, again, once she stopped GIGGLING I finally got a weak sample from her. Registered at a .192 BAC!

    Needless to say, I gave her a ride home, and that's where she stayed. She is able to handle her alcohol unbelievably well. I guessed her at MAYBE a .09, at most. But, I was way off....
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