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    Chinese navy wants an overseas base

    Chinese navy seeks to establish overseas base - Navy News, news from Iraq - Navy Times

    China needs a permanent naval base overseas to resupply its ships contributing to the multinational anti-piracy flotilla in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia, a prominent Chinese naval researcher was quoted as saying Wednesday.

    The suggestion marks a further step away from China’s avowed policy of not maintaining foreign military bases or alliances. Beijing says a more active naval presence abroad is necessary to protect sea lanes through which its vital foreign trade and natural resources travel.

    The bases idea was floated in a state radio interview with Yin Zhuo, a frequent navy spokesman on matters involving interactions with foreign navies. Yin offered no suggestions on where a base would be located and said all such decisions will be made by top military leaders.

    Hmm. I know we've got bases everywhere, so I don't know how we could oppose this (especially with them holding out debt), but it just doesn't sound like a good idea.

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    It all depends on Chinese definitions of "pirates". Those of us who flew in the 1964-1975 Gulf of Tonkin or Route-Packs over land were labelled "Yankee Air Pirates". Thank you Hanoi Jane.

    The key word is oil. Then follow the money.

    In the Indian Ocean rim, the possible spots could be Iran, Sri Lanka, Burma, Madagascar, or Mozambique. India and Paistan wouldnt like it and Russia has a huge interest since there is no access to the IO from Russian ports. The US built Diego Garcia would be perfect but it is leased from the UK. The Straight of Malacca west of Singapore is a choke point and pirates operate profitably there. China , Phillippines and Vietnam all claim the oil reserves in the center of the South China Sea. Huge oil reserves in Brunei , Malaysia, Indonesia. India will flex her power here.

    Atlantic and Carribean: Venezuela except Chavez is aligning with Russia. MiGs for bases and oil.

    Panama would be the best pick. Since Jimmy Carter, the Panama Canal was operated by Noriega's Panama, then in the time of Cilnton the Chinese "civilian" shipping companies took over the management. Remember the campaign money?

    In the Pacific, the container port in Long Beach CA is operated by the same Chinese "civilians".
    California would be politcallly "sensitiive" except no taxes would be paid to the State. Cheap Mexican illegal labor pool could be "legitimized" by a progressive govt in DC. Other US civil ports - at risk? Selling off US Naval ports goes a bit too far, unless the troublesome US "electoral process" can be disposed of.

    Mexican west coast or off shore islands would provide cheap Mexican oil and local labor thru either the official govt or the drug cartels. China and North Korea already have "business" with the cartels in controlled chemicals. The Chinese have centuries of experience with drug cartels and it isnt in the law courts.

    Watch for under-the-table sellouts, and lies, by the present govt in DC. Panama seems most vulnerable and best serves the Chinese, and radical left agenda to wreck the USA. Some treaties are up for grabs and will be pushed by the same folks who are now our "healthcare managers".
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