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    New federal prohibition against texting for drivers of commercial trucks and buses

    Drivers of commercial trucks and buses will be prohibited from texting under federal guidelines that U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood is issuing Tuesday. "We want the drivers of big rigs and buses and those who share the roads with them to be safe,"LaHood said in a statement. "This is an important safety step, and we will be taking more to eliminate the threat of distracted driving."
    The prohibition is effective immediately. Truck and bus drivers who text while driving commercial vehicles may be subject to civil or criminal penalties of up to $2,750, the Department of Transportation said in a news release.
    The release did not offer specifics on how the prohibition will be enforced.
    More here: New rule for truck, bus drivers: No texting - CNN.com

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    This is so stupid. How can you determine if someone is texting or dialing the phone? If I stopped someone I can't demand to see their phone and search it under the 4th Amendement, nor am I going to for a violation. Until the use of a phone or other devices(yes even GPS) in any compacity is banned while a vehicle is on the roadway this is nothing but lip service.

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    No body should be texting and driving.... I do at red lights but have broke myself from doing while driving.

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    They should figure out how to incorporate a gps lock on texting. Once you get above say 15-20 mph your phone itself won't allow you to text or surf the Internet until you've stopped again. This would suck for passengers, but if all phones were setup this way it could save lives.
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