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    Political Bureaucracy Run Amok

    Our poor brothers and sisters in the UK suffer under some of the worst political bureaucracy I can think of. If you think your admin is bad, read some of the blogs from cops in the UK like Inspector Gadget:

    See No Evil…… (at least until the next financial year) POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

    In a conversation which I recorded on my mobile for a “rainy day”, and a “blanket” email which I have kept to show HMIC, we have been told that the proactive teams are to come back into Jack Straws warmth, and start clearing up any outstanding crime reports.

    They must not, under any circumstances, get out on the street and find any more crime. Not until the next financial year anyway. All their accumulated leave (and there is lots of it being as we don’t pay overtime any more) is to be taken between now and April. It’s best to have them out-of-the-way, they just cant be trusted to stay indoors.

    You see, when a proactive team get outside, be it CID or uniform, they just will insist on executing warrants, finding stolen property, stopping known criminals on the road and discovering nicked motors. Each time this happens, they have to put on a crime report. Being as we don’t care about detecting crime any more, and its all about the amount of crime, this kind of behaviour is a nightmare for senior police officers and their annual cash bonus.

    What really gets me angry is the way we are told that an increase in crime can “really hurt us” towards the end of the year. The people who actually get “hurt” are surely the victims! I am sure that these conversations go on up and down the country, in every nick. At least on the management floor that is.

    How do they make sure that these operations stop until next year? they simply stop the budgets and allocate the people to other things. In today’s modern police service, you really do have your business ethics now. Everything is geared towards the personal profits (cash bonus for achieving targets) for a very small number of senior officers.

    “If a team is unfortunate enough to happen across a crime in progress” we are told “it must not go on the system unless it can be easily detected”. In any other scenario, advice must be sought, in person, from the DCI himself. “We are counting every broken wing mirror from now untill April” says the email in a rather threatening way, as if we went out and smashed them ourselves just to be difficult.

    My God, it is tempting………
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    Party time for the criminals....



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