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    American church group detained after trying to get Haitian children without passports to orphanage in the Dominican Republic

    Ten Americans charged with trafficking in Haiti defended their plan to bus 33 children into the Dominican Republic, saying their intention was to get them to a temporary shelter.
    The five men and five women are from New Life Children's Refuge, an Idaho-based charity. They said they were trying to move the children from Port-au-Prince into the Dominican Republic.

    According to the group, the children did not have any passports. Government approval is needed for any Haitian children to leave the country.

    A senior U.S. official with direct knowledge of the case said there was no indication of child trafficking.

    "It appears their orphanage was damaged and they were moving the children to their facility in the [Dominican Republic] but failed to obtain exit visas from Haiti," said the official who was not authorized to speak on the record.

    The Rev. Clint Henry, the senior pastor with the Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho, told CNN affiliate KIVI that the 10 are part of a group working to establish an orphanage in the Dominican Republic for the youngest victims of the January 12 earthquake that devastated much of the country.
    Jeanne Bernard-Pierre, general director for Haiti's Institute of Social Welfare, said the children will be interviewed in the coming days to determine whether they have any living relatives.
    "When they arrived, some of the children were crying and saying, 'I want to see my parents,'" Bernard-Pierre said.
    She said the government's ministry of social affairs will attempt to reunite the children with any family members and provide psychological assistance.
    But the group said it believed the children were orphaned, and it was going to house them in a converted hotel in the Dominican Republic. Officials in the country had agreed to allow them in without the required paperwork, Silsby said.
    U.S. embassy officials visited the Americans over the weekend at a jail near the airport in Port-au-Prince, where they are being detained. The group said it was being treated well, and was holding on to its faith.
    More here: Detained Americans say they had good intentions in Haiti - CNN.com

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    I wonder if this is the same church group I heard about a couple of weeks ago that was trying to get starving children out of the orphanage they operated in Haiti? The babies in the orphanage were out of formula, which was also being held up, so they were being fed diluted powdered milk with bread dissolved in it, made with unsanitary water. Most of the kids had already been partially adopted by American families, but their paperwork hadn't been fully processed yet by Haiti. Of course, the paperwork will probably never be processed and is possibly lost in the earthquake.

    AND, even worse, our own State Department couldn't make a decision to accept them without a passport or approved adoption papers. The group even had a charter plane waiting on the ground in the Dominican Republic, who had already given its approval to let them pass through without papers.

    I never heard how that turned out.

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