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    Angry Local News Story About Police

    New Information: Cops Behaving Badly
    Posted: 4/11/2006 10:18:53 PM

    Two Memphis police officers were caught on camera during a heated argument with citizen Greg Auberbach. One of the officers, Officer Tonya Copper, had slightly dented Auberbach's truck with her squad car door, and Auberbach wanted her insurance information.

    After checking out both of the officers' service files, it was discovered Officer Tonya Cooper was suspended for 6 days in 1997 for neglect of duty and compliance of regulation for deadly force, among other things.

    As for Officer Eleanor Worthy, her file shows that in June of 2001, she responded to a complaint call at 323 Beale.

    The file says "... while on the scene you engaged in a verbal altercation with the complainant in the presence of witnesses. In a statement give by you, you advised the complainant reached out to touch you and you told him 'don't put your d--- hands on me'."

    For that, Officer Worthy got on oral reprimand.

    Greg Auberbach, the civilian involved in the argument over the truck, told us he had filed a complaint with internal affairs more than a month ago and has not heard anything back.

    He says he got a call from internal affairs asking him to come down for an interview. When he went, he says the investigator he was supposed to meet with wasn't there.


    What makes me mad is when he brings up the second officer's "Tarnished Record" See how the media can spin anything into what they want it to be? If you ask me if thats all she has in her file then she is a damn fine officer.
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    The file says "... while on the scene you engaged in a verbal altercation with the complainant in the presence of witnesses. In a statement give by you, you advised the complainant reached out to touch you and you told him 'don't put your d--- hands on me'."

    Umm so its ok to get into altercations if there are NO witnesses but not ok if there ARE. I would tell the compainant the same thing if he tried to touch me.

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    I agree with your both Signal_W and BEK320. The media will change the story or do anything they can do to sell papers, even if the truth is bent and ruins an officers career. Of course this story is probably on the front page and the apology will be in the classified section where nobody will see it. That is if an apology is given.
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    Strangely enough everyone seems to be supporting the officers. Of course our union will back us and i'm surprised that our civilian review board is backing them. Which they should.

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    Signal W I can't believe that the news media got her IA jacket. That has nothing to do with a door ding dispute. I'm not crazy about the civillian review boards either but it seems they are becoming increasingly popular.

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    I think if people view the second officers comments they would just shrug it off. Most of us don't like to be touched.

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    I never touched anybody unless making an arrest, or defending myself. Never, never, allowed anybody to get within arms length of me unless I initiated the forward contact. Learned that the hard way in my first year. I am surprised the civilian review board is siding with the officer, which they should.
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