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    Bizarre jewelry heist was inside job

    Two men have been arrested in a bold and bizarre jewelry store robbery involving crooks who disguised themselves in Hasidic Jewish attire, complete with hats and false beards, police announced Tuesday. But all was not as it seemed, according to police. The heist was actually an elaborate inside job set up by the store's owners, who were $1 million in debt and six months behind on their rent, police said.
    The New York Police Department announced Tuesday that Atul Shah, 43, and Mahaveer Kankariya, 43, both of New Jersey, have been arrested on charges of grand larceny, insurance fraud and falsifying business records.
    The two men, co-owners of the Dialite Imports jewelry store in Manhattan's diamond district, are in custody, authorities said.
    More here: Police: Bizarre jewel heist was inside job - CNN.com

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    Looks like they pulled a page right out of the "Snatch" movie.
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