The Southern Nevada Health District has ruled out about two dozen popular Mexican candy products as a health threat to children, officials said Wednesday.

Those products have been removed from a February order in which a range of candies were ordered taken from shelves and advertisements throughout the Las Vegas Valley because they were thought to contain lead.


The order remains in effect for Tamarind candies in glazed ceramic containers from Mexico and Tama Roca Candy with straws from Mexico.

"In February, when we originally ordered the removal of these products, the cease-and-desist order was very broad,'' said Dave Tonelli, a Health District spokesman. "Since that time, and with a little more testing, some candies that were in that original order have been found OK to eat.''

Products that were included in the original order, but that are now considered safe are:

Lucas Pelucas tamarind candy.

Baby Lucas sweet and sour mango powder.

Baby Lucas pikt sweet and sour orange powder.

Lucas bomvaso sweet & hot candy with bubble gum.

Lucas muecas mango lollipop with chili powder.

Lucas muecas chamoy lollipop with chili powder.

Pulpadip tamarind salsa.

Lucas gusano tamarind liquid candy.

Lucas gusano chamoy liquid candy.

Lucas salsagheti plus gusano hot watermelon candy straws and tamarind sauce.


Lucas Panzon watermelon hard candy and chamoy liquid.

Picositos fruit seasoning.

Frutas del puesto cucumber, mango, and watermelon lollipops with chili powder.

Pelon roller tamarind flavored syrup candy.

Mini pelon pelo rico artificial tamarind flavored soft candy.

Crayon grape, mango, or strawberry soft candy.

Mango bombu-k artificial tamarind flavor liquid center bubble gum.

Pelon bites artificial tamarind flavored chewy candy.

Pelonazo artificial tamarind flavored soft candy.

Pelon pelo rico artificial tamarind flavored soft candy.

Pelon 2 artificial tamarind pineapple flavored soft candy.

Despite the revision, the Health District reminds parents that trace amounts of lead may be found in candy packaging for some of these products. Children need to avoid putting wrappings in their mouths.

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