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    LA Times puts large Mad Hatter ad on fake front page of its newspaper

    At first glance of Friday's Los Angeles Times, you might think the Mad Hatter has taken over the newspaper. Johnny Depp's colorful character in Disney's new film "Alice in Wonderland" dominates a faked front page, which includes the paper's traditional flag and two stories that appeared in the paper last month.
    Los Angeles Times spokesman John Conroy said the "cover-wrap" was an "unusual opportunity to stretch the usual boundaries and design an innovative ad designed to create buzz."
    Roy Peter Clark, a senior journalism scholar at the Poynter Institute, said tough economic times and lower ads sales have forced newspapers to tear down the ethics wall that separated a paper's front page from advertisers.
    He estimated that the ad would cost "well over $100,000."
    Conroy would not disclose the price, but he said, "Our front page section is our most valued real estate. The ad was priced accordingly."
    The use of real newspaper stories, published previously in the newspaper, to make the ad appear to be a real front page is another issue, Clark said.
    "I'm particularly nervous about them running fake stories that are really real stories," he said. "That seems like a misappropriation of the journalism in the newspaper."
    An online search revealed that the article on the left column -- headlined "To take reins on health proposal" -- was a slightly altered version of a story written by Tribune Co. Washington reporter Noam Levey. It was published February 18.
    The second article, appearing on the right column of the Disney ad, was headlined "Major Afghan Figure Caught." The original story was published February 19, with the bylines of Times foreign correspondent Laura King and Moscow bureau chief Alex Rodriguez.

    More here: Fake front page brings paper Disney dollars, debate - CNN.com

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    Its not like the LA Times actually reports the news anyways, what difference does it make
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