A judge will now weigh that in deciding whether Jordan Brown, now 12, will be tried as an adult or have his case moved to juvenile court.
The 12-year-old faces up to life in prison if he's convicted of the Feb. 20, 2009 murder of 26-year-old Kenzie Houk and her nearly full-term son as she lay in bed in their New Galilee farmhouse. If the case is moved to juvenile court, the longest Brown could remain incarcerated or on probation would be about nine years - just until he's 21-years-old.
Under Pensylvania law, in order to move the case Brown's attorneys must prove he would be more "amenable" to rehabilitation in the juvenile system.
Dr. John O'Brien, hired by state prosecutors, said Brown's "amenability to rehabilitation, in my opinion, is very limited." Brown was jealous of the son of his father's girlfriend before Houk, O'Brien said. And Brown may have resented plans to make him move out of his room to make space for the son Houk was expecting, O'Brien said.
Deborah Houk, the victim's mother, rejected jealousy as a motive, saying after the hearing that Brown was simply "evil." "He's not admitting it but, if he did, it would be a lot easier on everybody," her husband, Jack Houk, said.
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