One incident stands out for him from Saturday's flight, which spent more than four hours on the tarmac at New York's Stewart Airport after being diverted from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. Martin said he was rationing a limited number of cookies from first-class to mothers and children in coach when a passenger prone to outbursts asked him for a cookie. He was about to give her one when a flight attendant ordered her to sit down and told her she would not get a cookie.

"Everyone knew she was a very frantic woman, which is why no one said anything when she asked for the cookie. ... Everyone understood but the flight attendant," said Martin, CEO of the social networking site, who documented Saturday's travails using visual updates via the iPhone app to his Kontain account.

"I went to her and said, you need to understand that speaking to passengers like this is not going to do any good. You need to exercise leadership and responsibility."

Martin said the flight attendant dismissed his words, as did the pilot when he took his concerns to the cockpit.

Martin said the situation did not improve until the flight was finally canceled, 4 hours after it parked at Stewart and nearly 12 hours after it took off from Los Angeles International, during which time passengers say they endured shortages of food and water, crying babies, panic attacks and rising tensions.
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