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    Bill to snuff incense clears House criminal justice panel

    Lighting up a bag of herbal incense from the local convenience store would become illegal under legislation that advanced through a House committee Wednesday.
    House Bill 173 is one of a number of bills that targets what public officials are characterizing as “synthetic marijuana” that is being smoked by users.
    Now legal, the product is sold as incense under an array of names locally, including Voodoo, Fiya, Mo-Joe and Gonjah. The Asian-manufactured blend of herbs simulates marijuana without registering on drug tests, critics claim.
    The Ra Shop on Highland Road by LSU sells herbal incense and touted “Purp” as its best deal for $39.95 in a 3.5 gram package. The Ra Shop also sold herbal incense for as little as $10 in a 1 gram package.
    “It’s in convenience stores, gas stations, novelty shops … and sells for about $20 a gram,” said Lt. Rob Chambers, of the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, while testifying Wednesday before the House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice.
    He said his office is being bombarded with calls from the parents of children who are getting high on the substance.
    The committee approved the bill without dissent.
    Critics of the move to outlaw the product countered that users will just turn to the Internet.
    “It will go from the stores to the streets. It will create a black market,” said Tracy Donovan Smith, a lobbyist for wholesalers.

    2theadvocate.com | News | Bill to snuff incense clears House criminal justice panel — Baton Rouge, LA
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    Hell, I was worried you meant standard burning incense. I was close to being one very pissed off ducky. This crap? Doesn't qualify as incense.
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