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    Ofc Allen speaks on his injuries

    A month or two back I posted about a coworker of my brother who had been ambushed and shot six months. Ofc Allen interviewed with the Anchorage Daily News and following is the article

    Jason Allen uses the word "miracle" often when talking about the night a gunman tried to kill him.

    For one thing, it almost wasn't Allen who got shot. The Anchorage police officer was training a recruit, who would have been the one in the driver's seat in Fairview in the early morning hours of Jan. 9. By chance, the recruit had been called in for duty with the National Guard.
    "Statistically, there are golden angels around him now," Allen, 47, said in a recent interview at his home. "You could say lightning doesn't strike twice."
    For another thing, Allen was hit a half-dozen times in the arms and torso and, though he may never fully recover, he lived to talk about it.
    Allen, an 8 1/2-year APD veteran who normally worked the night shift in Spenard, was on Medfra Street responding to a family dispute about 2 a.m. that day. He'd gone to his patrol car to grab a camera to photograph the victim when a vehicle pulled up beside his and opened fire, he said.
    He agreed to sit down for an interview to talk about the shooting's aftermath. He's now up and moving around, appearing in good health but for the brace on his left arm.
    He remains under orders not to discuss exactly what happened during the shooting.
    Police have said it was a drive-by they believe was motivated by the fact that Allen is a police officer. Some of the rounds were stopped by the bulletproof vest Allen was wearing.
    "There's no doubt that vest saved my life," Allen said. "That and some bad marksmanship at point-blank range."
    Police spokesman Lt. Dave Parker said a task force that was assembled with members of the FBI, Alaska State Troopers and other police agencies is no longer active, but detectives, including those from the APD homicide unit, are continuing their investigation. Tips continue to come in and investigators continue to follow up on them, Parker said.

    But no arrests have been made and police have not released information on any suspects.

    After he was shot, Allen said, he got on the radio, calling for help and giving officers what information he could. In intense pain, he never blacked out, he said, and he kept thinking he couldn't give up.
    "I had been shot and my arm was hanging there. I had been hit multiple times," he said. "It was a lot of pain and I couldn't breathe very well. I had a decision to make: I could get caught up in that and get excited about the condition of my body, or I could stay in the situation."
    One bullet grazed his back and another grazed his right arm, he said. Two bullets cut through his torso, piercing his intestines, stomach, diaphragm and liver and collapsing a lung, he said.
    "Talk about a miracle," Allen said. "That's the kind of thing that people die over, and within a week I felt like if that's all I had going on, I'd have been ready to go back to work."
    The lingering problem is with his left arm, which was hit twice, Allen said. One of the bullets "disintegrated" his humerus bone in the upper arm and the other hit his ulna in the forearm. The complications began not long after the shooting.
    Detective Brett Sarber, a friend of Allen's, said he'd been to visit Allen and found he wasn't in good spirits. The swelling in his arm wasn't going down and Allen was in a lot of pain. It was about a week after the shooting and Sarber was thinking something wasn't right, that Allen needed a second opinion.
    Sarber attends ChangePoint church and, a few years ago, befriended a man who also goes there. The man happens to be an Air Force doctor, an orthopedic specialist who specializes in dealing with upper extremities. He has done three tours in Iraq and is keenly familiar with bullet and fragmentation injuries.
    Sarber said he doesn't know any other doctors but he had this one's home number. He called and his friend was home. The doctor, who was certified to practice off base, said he had time to look at Allen.


    Duration of article found at link below

    Read more: Bulletproof vest, bad aim saved police officer: Jason Allen | adn.com
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    Wow, amazing story. I hope he makes a full recovery.

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    Great attitude all around.
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    I agree, he has a very inspiring attitude. I hope he makes a full recovery.

    Police Officers put themselves at risk for strangers every day. Some do not make it home to their families. Next time you think of saying something negative about the police, remember...YOU are one of the strangers.

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    He has such a wonderful attitude! Thoughts and prayers for a full recovery.



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