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    Question Officers 2nd jobs

    Found this in a local newspaper from an area close to my home and the area I work in.

    It's about second jobs that Police officers have it is a new story sort of but is it really that big a deal for officer from else where to have a 2nd job?


    It has been aquired under freedom of information act the lazy journalists best friend.

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    Hell, around here our department keeps an active list of companies who want Deputies to work off duty details. Hell with a second job when I can go sit at a construction site for 6 hours in my car making $25 an hour, watching DVD's on my laptop, when the only thing the construction company wants me to do is sit there with my lights going.

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    Same here as with cntryboy, I guess the only issue is that the jobs have to be arranged through the department, you can't freelance or work in another job that might end with a conflict of interest or use of police powers for private gain.

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    I have a secondary occupation.

    I'm a consultant for a driver training company that specialises in executive advanced/defensive driving courses.

    I only work about 3 days per month for the company, so it hardly impedes my normal cop job.

    I do it for a variety of reasons; There's the extra pocket money (after tax), the enjoyment (of which there is plenty), and the experience (for when I retire from the police).

    My bosses at work know about my secondary occupation, and I have to have it 'reviewed' every 12 months.

    I don't have a problem with cops having secondary occupations, just so long as they don't interfere with their normal policework.

    If you compare ourselves with the fire-brigade, you'll find that 75% of them have secondary occupations of one sort or another; on their days off.
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    Secondary employment is a way of life around here. Must be approved by the department.

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    Few of our people work second jobs and most of them are short term ones arranged through the dept for special events. The hiring company pays the city and they in turn pay us. The city then will furnish cars, radios or whatever else is required.

    Just before I came on, just about everyone had a second job because of the sorry ass pay. Then we had a huge blowout with the city over a labor contract in 1969. Cops can't strike here, but we picketed the docks and the longshoremen not only honored it here, but all up and down the west coast. The mayor here got calls from the S.F. and L.A. mayors telling him to settle the damn contract!

    We got a huge raise and benefit package, but the tradeoff was that we could no longer work second jobs. That was fine with us, most would much rather just work the 40 hours and get OT now and then. Teaching was the only second job allowed because a lot of cops taught at local colleges.

    About 10 years ago, the city starting allowing second jobs with lots of restrictions. They instituted the thing in my first paragraph. That's the only way we can work security of any kind, is through the city. But as I said, our pay is good enough that few guys want to spend their off duty time carrying another lunch bucket around. And if someone really needs extra money, there are places like traffic division where you can make a hell of a lot more in court OT than you would ever make at a second job.

    When my daughter started college, I transfered into homicide. I more than made enough in OT to pay her expenses. Even in the early 90's, my OT pay rate was about 35 bucks an hour. I doubt anyone else would have paid that much money to have my sorry ass standing around.
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