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    Federal judge sides with city teacher Faith Kramer, who used vulgar terms during lesson on AIDs

    He's 88, but Federal Judge Jack Weinstein is no old fogy.
    The jurist sided Thursday with a city teacher who was suspended after she let eighth-graders use vulgar sex terms during a lesson on AIDS.
    Weinstein said there's no regulation against the way Faith Kramer taught the lesson - which involved words like "hooters," "wiener" and others less printable.
    "If the [Education Department] wants its teachers to instruct adolescents about HIV using Latinism of the academy, excluding vulgarism of the street, it should tell them so," he wrote.
    City lawyers seemed stunned by his ruling - which green-lighted a $2 million suit by Kramer - listing several of the more explicit terms in a statement.
    "The words are entirely inappropriate," senior counsel Blanche Greenfield said.
    "Their use in a classroom reflects unacceptable and extremely poor judgment by the teacher and is plainly not consistent with community values."
    In the 2007 lesson, Kramer asked students at Intermediate School 72 on Staten Island to write down words they used when speaking about sex.
    The results was a long list of slang terms, like banana and taco, jugs and family jewels. Some were obscure; a few were in Yiddish.
    Parents complained and Kramer was booted from the classroom for eight months and denied a satisfactory rating while educrats investigated.
    She was never brought up on disciplinary charges and has been reinstated to the classroom, but is suing the Education Department over the suspension.
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    I don't have a problem with this, it's not like she was teaching kids new words, the words came from the kids themselves. She's teaching them about AIDS, and what she teaches them could keep them from getting infected, so they need to learn in terms they'll not only know but comprehend.

    Incidentally, I want to know what the Yiddish terms were.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducky View Post
    Incidentally, I want to know what the Yiddish terms were.

    I do have a problem with EVERYBODY in the world uses a constant streams of vulgarity, then when a teacher, cop, or doctor uses the same words to the same group that constantly uses them, everyone acts like the world is going to come to an end.

    I mean, what the fuck is wrong with people? Douchbag motherfucking shitheads should go back to sucking dicks and selling pencils and quit being whiney pussies about how all us bitches talk. Cunt ass damn.

    I think that covers all the major cusswords. It's actually hard to come up with a sintence that covers them all, so I had to add the last three.

    Anyway - if you're in a small group doing bible study that mainly consists of little old ladies, watch your language. But high school kids while talking about sex and AIDS? Have they ever listed to those people talk? Geez.

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    well said SPD...

    My teacher had us do the same thing - had us write down words we used

    concept was so we could relate what words were acceptable for use in the classroom, and which ones weren't - also so we could get all the laughing and jokes out of the way right then and there...

    I've got a few knocks on this... 1 - is this a public school? ... 2 - freedom of speech ... 3 - GTFO of her classroom and stop micromanaging the teachers to death... that's going to be the downfall of humans, the micromanaging, pencil pushing, pussy ass administrators...

    in all lines of work...

    /off soap box

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