A judge and a court clerk have been shot dead in the main court in Brussels, reports say.
Several gunshots were heard in or near the Palais de Justice in the centre of the Belgian capital.
Justice Minister Stefan Declerk said a female judge and clerk were gunned down during a court session, according to the Associated Press news agency.
Police said the gunman remains at large after fleeing on foot following the shooting at about 1115 (0915 GMT).
Mr Declerk, who described the incident as "horrible", says it is the first time in Belgian judicial history that a magistrate has been killed in the middle of a court hearing, state broadcaster RTBF reports.
Emergency services have arrived at the scene. Police sealed off surrounding streets, and issued warnings to shoppers and tourists to go indoors.
A news conference on the shooting incident is to be held later on Thursday.

BBC News - 'Judge and clerk shot dead' in Belgian court

This is the exact reason that cops going to court in cerimonal dress without full personal protective equipment belongs in the last century.