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    Cop who saved fawn faces jail, fines

    Cop who saved fawn faces jail, fines

    TOLEDO, Ohio (WUPW) - Toledo police Sgt. Mark Fry, who resuscitated a newborn fawn back to life after its mother got hit by a car might be facing jail time and possible fines.

    His wife might also face fines and jail time. They are accused of keeping the fawn at an undisclosed location while it is being nursed back to health.

    The Frys said they won't turn the wildlife animal over the Ohio Division of Wildlife because they are afraid the deer will be euthanized.

    After a pregnant deer was hit by a car May 20 on Arlington Avenue near the University of Toledo Medical Center in the city's south end, Sgt. Fry worked with the fawn by giving it CPR until it started to breathe.

    Since then the Frys have taken care of the animal, nursing it back to health.

    Mark and Darla Fry have called the fawn "Norman."

    "Now he's a couple weeks old," Darla Fry said. "He's running around, jumping, all of the things he's supposed to do."

    But it's illegal to keep a deer and that's why the Department of Wildlife came to the Frys home Wednesday morning. State wildlife officials said the fawn is a wild animal and it is not safe for the average pet owner. The state also worried about any diseases the fawn may have.

    "We have to relinquish him to them (Thursday) morning or we face fines or jail time," Darla Fry said. "And if my husband goes to jail, he'll lose his job."

    Six days after Sgt. Fry brought the fawn back to life, he was recognized by the People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals with its One Can Make a Difference Award.

    "I'm not handing him over, I can't," Sgt. Fry's wife added. "I can't hand him over after he fought so hard. If they would come to the door and say we won't euthanize him and would guarantee it, things would be different."

    The Division of Wildlife said the case is an ongoing investigation.

    Obviously I don't know anything more than what is reported here. That said, there's a lot of involved in this.

    Earlier story :
    TPD officer peforms CPR on fawn

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    I don't see a problem with him carrying for it as long as it's released when ready
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