A woman was left stunned when she saw her neighbour engaged in a solo sex romp on a trampoline.
As she looked out of her window, she saw James Burden stark naked with a cigarette in one hand and his genitals in the other. Falkirk Sheriff Court heard the gobsmacked victim told police that 55-year-old Burden was "as bold as brass ...and purposeful".
Mike McMahon, prosecuting, said that the woman, who lives in a block of four flats in Falkirk’s Westquarter, had got up to go to her bathroom as 5.14am on March 25 this year.
As she passed her kitchen window, she saw Burden - her upstairs neighbour - in the back garden. She then saw Burden approach the back door of the block of flats.
The woman rushed into her living room and called police. Mr McMahon said: "He told police he had gone out to the trampoline and had masturbated himself there."
Asked why he did it, Burden told officers: "Just for the thrill of it." He added: "I did not intend anyone to see me."

Morning glory: Man convicted of solo sex romp on trampoline | Glasgow and West | STV News