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    Kindergarten Cop

    Kindergarten Cop | PressDemocrat.com

    For 31 years, Jim Tuso fought crime in Mendocino County, first as a Willits police officer, then as a sheriff's deputy and finally as a two-term sheriff.

    Now he's on duty at Calpella Elementary School in Ukiah. Every morning he can be found there, on the playground maintaining order among energetic kindergartners and in the classroom helping them learn to read and write.

    It's a far cry from law enforcement, but Tuso relishes the experience, beaming as he helps a child choose the correct word for a fill-in-the-blank sentence.

    "Make the sound for me," he urges softly.

    Tuso started volunteering at Calpella seven years ago, shortly after he and his former wife decided to expand their family. They have three adopted and foster sons ages 11 to 15.

    When the youngest, Jesus, was in kindergarten, Tuso became interested in watching him learn, so he started showing up at school to help.

    Before long, he was spending four hours a day, helping wherever he could. The teachers expanded his duties as time went on and asked him to return after Jesus moved up the grades.

    Rest at Link
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    ......and that my friends is what's called another way of, "Making a Difference". Props and Kudos to Sheriff Tuso. I'm glad that he is making his retirement years useful and beneficial to those around him.

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    What a great story!



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