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    Talking Toys comfort Cambridgeshire child crash victims

    BBC News - Toys comfort Cambridgeshire child crash victims

    Cambridgeshire Police have introduced comfort toys to reduce stress suffered by children involved in serious accidents or firearms incidents.

    All traffic and firearms vehicles carry the soft toys which are used to comfort youngsters while the emergency services deal with the incident.

    Cambridgeshire Police's Jackie Gadd suggested the idea after hearing about a similar scheme in Wiltshire.

    It is being funded by the St Neots Police Charity Ball committee.

    'Teddy to cuddle'

    Ms Gadd said: "Several years ago my children and I were involved in an eight-vehicle collision on the M25 which was extremely distressing for the children.

    "I'm convinced that if they had been given a teddy to cuddle while the incident was dealt with it would have reduced their stress significantly."

    Ch Insp Mike Winters said: "The introduction of the comfort toys will allow officers to offer children involved some comfort to help reduce the stress of this experience."

    Soft toys were donated by the Disney Store in Peterborough and Mothercare in Huntingdon gave a substantial discount on their toys.
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    We tried this for a while but the kids always wanted to keep them or they got dirty stuffed in the boot. Well you know how people are with kit, even some "traffic" men these days.
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