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    Talking 6 year old buys checkers game...inside is a picture of a naked woman...OOPS!

    DELAND, Fla. -- A Volusia County grandfather thought he was just buying a game of checkers for his grandson, but when he opened it up he found much more than just a game board. He found a very racy picture.

    The game of checkers says it's meant for kids ages 6 and up. But when John Finn bought it at a DeLand Winn Dixie for his 6-year-old grandson Matthew, what he found inside wasn't meant for any child to see.

    "He found this and my wife and I, we were flabbergasted by it. We were really upset," Finn said.

    It was a picture of a naked woman with sexually suggestive text inside. It was used to divide the board and pieces.

    Finn and his wife went back to Winn Dixie to investigate. They opened other packages and found at least one more picture inside.

    "We went over to the shelving where we bought this item and found more of the same. That's when we brought it to the manager's attention," he said.

    The manager immediately pulled all the games from the shelf.

    Winn Dixie sent a statement reading, "Winn Dixie takes these issues very seriously. We are currently working closely with our vendor to ensure that any issues of quality are resolved quickly."

    The vendor, Promotions Unlimited, explained in a letter to Finn's wife that the cardboard was recycled from a factory in China.

    "According to the distributor, he believed it was just an oversight. But it's the kind of oversight that is really something that can't be tolerated," Finn said.

    Channel 9 also contacted the vendor of the product who said, from now on, the factories in China are being ordered to use only clean cardboard as packing material. Winn Dixie has pulled the game from nine stores.

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    Gosh. Poor boy. He wants that checker board game. But all those games have been pulled off from the shelves. Hmmmm...why not rent the Atari games? <sigh> Sad and strange, eh?

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    ima go buy checkers boards!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 06AccordLX
    ima go buy checkers boards!
    Too late, I bought the store out already.
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    Sounds like a good collector's item for eBay!!!

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