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    Bent lawyer takes a 20K bung to drop a case.

    BBC News - Gwent CPS lawyer accepted share of 20,000 bribe

    A Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) lawyer has admitted taking a share of a 20,000 bribe to drop a case.

    Sarfraz Ibrahim, 51, of Cyncoed, Cardiff, who worked for Gwent CPS, was caught in a police sting.

    At Swansea Crown Court, he admitted corruption, perverting the course of justice and misconduct in public office.

    The court heard he told an undercover agent that he could "manoeuvre" an assault charge the man was facing.

    Makes you wonder how many times he managed to dark hole jobs before he was caught...
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    LOLOLOLOL Two peoples seperated by a common language.

    A 20k pound bung?

    I love you guys.

    Car 4
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    makes you wonder about every decision to discontinue or every decision at court if a prosecutor can be bought how easy would it be to buy a magistrate or even a judge.
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    bloody hell he must be the cps handling all my jobs!

    Actually there are times I wish they would drop some of them, just can't be arsed with court these days.
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