FORT WORTH, Texas -- A $10 million claim is filed against Fort Worth and one of its officers after a baby died following an emergency c-section as a result of a car accident last week.

Javen Navarro died two days after he was born.

Officer C. Fearneyhough's cruiser drifted from the southbound lane into the northbound lane, causing cars to collide head-on Wednesday afternoon in the 12000 block of Old Granbury Road in Tarrant County near the Johnson County line.

A claim has been filed for $10 million against the city of Fort Worth and Fearneyhough for the wrongful death of Javen and for injuries to the car's other occupants, according to a attorney Domingo Garcia.

"For unknown reasons, he crossed over the centerline and struck the little red Mercury head-on," said Lt. Terry Weaver of the Tarrant County Sheriff's Department.

Fort Worth police said the officer swerved when he got distracted and the cruiser came to a stop on top of a red four-door sedan driven by Aida Navarro.

"You know, it does appear that the officer was at fault," said Lt. Dean Sullivan of the Fort Worth Police Department.

Laura Navarro, 17, her mother and two infants were in the car.

NBC 5 reported that Fearneyhough, a 6-year veteran, broke his right arm and was taken to a local hospital.

Navarro and her mother were both taken to a local hospital and were both in fair condition on Wednesday night, NBC 5 reported.

The two infants, who were in the back of the car, were being treated at Cooks Children's Hospital. They were expected to be OK, NBC 5 reported.

"For the officer to be so careless like that, you're supposed to be the ones who protect us," said Bethany Anderson, the victim's friend.

"It's a shock. You never think this will happen to anybody you know," said Sidney Perez, another friend.

"We're really praying for them. I just hope everyone is OK," Anderson said.

Sheriff's deputies are investigating the incident, and Fort Worth police are also reviewing what happened.

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