Kevin Clark, the former Commissioner of the Baltimore City Police Department and NYPD commander has the following comment on the news story pasted below:

“Just for your knowledge, only the recorded voices of the 911 calls are not normally saved, but a printed transcript of every call is maintained. 911 calls are a critical part of any investigation. When somebody in the department is lying to the public, those transcripts exist so someone in the agency needs to answer the point I have just made.

"The Department’s investigative logic would be undermined if 911 transcripts were not stored for a period of time. What happens if a break in the case reveals an ongoing pattern and critical corroborating evidence (callers giving a key descriptive piece of clothing, weapon, words, odor, disguise and so forth) was lost because the tapes were destroyed?

"Everyone in law enforcement should be aware that the recorded voices go away in a specific time period but transcripts of those calls are maintained."

—Kevin Clark

Lack of police reports stalls review of city rape allegations

Officials to appear at City Council hearing on rape reporting problems
By Justin Fenton — Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
‘The Baltimore Sun’ / Baltimore, MD

Detectives have begun reviewing rape reports summarily dismissed by Baltimore police over the past 18 months, though efforts to discern why incident reports were not taken in hundreds of 911 calls to police have sputtered.

Because 911 calls are typically stored for no longer than 90 days, officials are struggling to find other possible documentation...

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