Two incidents in a day of interesting taser deployments.

POLICE dog handlers had to use a Taser gun on a crazed dog which savaged its owner in her flat.
Kerry Eaton, 21, was bleeding badly after 12-stone rescue dog Diesel ripped into her leg and foot and dragged her around the floor.
Boyfriend Colin Chapman came running after hearing her screams and managed to pin down the dog by its collar, allowing the couple to retreat into the living room.
Kerry said the dog flipped when she accidentally slammed the living room door as she was about to leave the flat.

Police Taser 'crazy' dog which savaged its owner and trapped her in the house

The Independent Police Complaints Commission will not be investigating how a 14-year-old girl was accidentally shot with a Taser.
An officer was trying to restrain a 20-year-old man, but shot teenager Jodie Gallagher instead, who was standing nearby.
Miss Gallagher said: "The police pulled out his Taser gun and said if you don't stand still I'll shoot.
I was behind the boy and he shot the gun because he was going to go.

The IPCC is investigating after an officer shot a 14-year-old girl with a taser

I'm not sure the taser was the best option in either case, shotgun for the first one and incapacitant spray for the seconds.