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    Burning Man fans say cops too heavy-handed

    I'm shocked a bunch of stoned hippies are complaining about law enforcement. This is a first.

    Among other issues, Levin said, female undercover agents in costume have asked male Burners for drugs, drug-sniffing dogs and their handlers have roamed camps, and armed officers have "snooped" on revelers at dances. Last year, almost 300 Burners were cited or arrested by federal officers
    "It's a police state out there," Levin said. "There's very little criminal activity at the event, but they cite and arrest people in order to justify their existence."

    Officials from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and Pershing County Sheriff's Department cite a new study by U.S. Park Police that concludes an even larger police presence is needed. The two agencies plan to have 80 officers at this year's event — far below the 144 recommended in the Park Police report.

    "I don't want my guys to be party poopers, but we have a job to do," said Mark Pirtle, special agent in charge for the BLM. "They're not bad people, but they like to use drugs."

    Last year, 65 percent of 287 citations issued by BLM rangers involved drugs, largely marijuana, LSD, mushrooms and ecstasy, with cocaine and heroin down on the list, Pirtle said.
    See the whole article: The Associated Press: Burning Man fans say cops too heavy-handed

    "There's very little criminal activity at the event, but they cite and arrest people in order to justify their existence."

    Drug possession and use isn't a crime? I guess if you are in the middle of nowhere it's reasonable to expect drug laws to not apply and it's a free for all zone law enforcement is not allowed to be there too?

    Stupid hippies. There's a reason that shit's called "dope" dumbasses.
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    armed officers have "snooped" on revelers at dances
    Armed officers were they expecting them to be anything else in the US, hippy idiots just want to take drugs.
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