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    Woman Texts Trooper to Sell Drugs

    Busted: Wrong number leads to drug arrest | Peninsula Clarion

    Attempting to sell drugs to a cop usually doesn't work out too well Caroline E. Mollet, 27 of Soldotna, learned that lesson over the weekend when she texted an Alaska State Trooper on Sunday night asking if he wanted to purchase prescription pain meds.
    You have to be a serious degenerate to steal pain meds from your mother to sell.
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    I had one the other day where two guys and a girl were on an open line to 911 talking about a weed deal - she was buying and they were selling...dispatch pinged the location in a field. when I got there, I saw the two guys walking out. I approached them and asked if either had called 911. They said no. I asked on the radio if the line was still open and if they could hear me talking, and dispatch said they could and repeated back verbatim what I had said to the guys. One of them accidentally pocket dialed 911. We couldn't find the girl, but one of the rocket scientists had $120 in his front pocket and another $50 in his wallet ("why do you keep money in your pocket and in your wallet, son?" "durh....I don't know, dude."). I really wanted to make this one for hilarity's sake, but the city exploded and we didn't have time for the goose chase. But that's probably my favorite one thus far..
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