An official report released this week says an ACORN offshoot group cannot properly [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]account[/COLOR][/COLOR] for how it has spent millions of federal dollars and recommends that the group repay the government and be put on standby mode until it cleans up its act.
The report from the inspector general for the Department of Housing and Urban Development reviewed how ACORN Housing Corporation -- now called Affordable Housing Centers of America -- has spent federal grant money over the past two decades. The report described the group's book-keeping as "problematic and unsupported," and claimed that more than $65,000 in "ineligible" salary expenses were charged to a federal grant last year, including costs for six employees after they were terminated.

Duration of article - Government Report Cites ACORN Offshoot for 'Ineligible' Payments, Grant Problems

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