CLEVELAND - Cleveland police said a bank robbery suspect was shot and killed Thursday night when he refused to surrender.
Around 9 p.m., police went to the 1100 block of East 125th Street to serve a felony warrant. During a news conference Friday, police said officers arrived at the home, knocked on the door and identified themselves as Cleveland police officers.
Eventually, the suspectís grandmother came to the door and allowed police into the home, according to officers. Police said three officers were searching the basement, where there was a Rottweiler, and thatís when they called for backup.
Police said, before backup arrived, officers looked in a closet in the home's basement. Police said the suspect, 21-year-old Danny Withers, jumped out of the closet with his hand raised. Detective Zola, a 11-year veteran of the force, fired one shot to Withersí chest, killing him, according to Cleveland police.

Officer involved shooting on Cleveand's east side