Whitney Metzger thought it would be fun to hold a zombie-themed game of tag in her Norfolk, Va., neighborhood of Ghent. She hung fliers, invited friends and hoped for maybe 100 people.
Now the mayor of Norfolk says the number could be more like 10,000.

Metzger's game exploded through Facebook. By Thursday afternoon, 7,200 people had signed up for tonight's event, and 6,000 more said they might attend.

Metzger was blindsided by the rush, forcing the 26-year-old office administrator to raise money for a permit, off-duty police and insurance.

"I'm not sure we could stop it now if we tried," Mayor Paul Fraim said. "So we're just trying to go with the flow and make the best of it."

The game is fashioned after a form of tag called Humans vs. Zombies that has become popular on college campuses. Those designated undead flesh-eaters chase the humans as they try to reach checkpoints and a finish line.

Metzger wanted to organize something fun for her friends and opted for zombie tag for a simple reason: "Zombies are awesome."

She posted the game on Facebook on Oct. 6 and was soon forced to navigate city planning and security. She agreed to limit the event to 1,500 people, although Fraim wonders whether it's possible to stop more people from showing up.

The permit cost $110, the one-day insurance policy cost $332, and the nine off-duty police officers required to monitor the event cost $1,660. Metzger was still waiting Thursday for a final price tag for closing off three city blocks that will serve as the starting point.

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I'm still not sure what all the fuss is about zombies but it sounds like fun. I hope it goes well.