These agents, most all refused to be named, have seen everything, including sights they would have preferred to miss. One in Chicago's O'Hare bemoaned those travelers who have spontaneously stripped, even though no one asked them to. Another Chicago agent spoke of the babies she's snatched as parents nearly sent their offspring on conveyor belts through X-ray machines.

They've chased cats through terminals, watched an escaped bird fly overhead and come face-to-face with pet monkeys and other exotic creatures. One agent, while previously working at Washington's Dulles, opened a cooler to find a live penguin.
A Miami agent counted the Elvis impersonators as the weirdest passengers he's dealt with, but a supervisor in New York's JFK airport scoffed at this one.
"That's nothing," he said. "We once had a dead guy."
About five or six years ago, he said, a family trying to avoid the cost of shipping a relative's body to the Dominican Republic, plopped him in a wheelchair and headed to security. They said he was really sick, and when this supervisor touched the ice-cold corpse and told them the guy was dead, they feigned surprise.
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