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    Son drives SUV from restaurant into lake and saves parents trapped in their van in the lake

    The rain was pouring, it was dark, and William said the area was not well lit. He got turned around and wound up driving down the boat launch and into the water.

    "A splash came up and I thought even then it was just a puddle," he said. "Before I knew it we were already floating."

    Their Chrysler van was beginning to sink nose first. Tammy, 77, started moving towards the back of the van.

    "I can't swim, but I didn't panic," she said.

    The van was going down quick and the water was rising up to the couple's shoulders.

    Jon Forsythe, the couple's son who was waiting at the restaurant, became concerned that his parents had not arrived.

    "I stepped outside to call them because I knew something was wrong," Forsythe told KING 5 over the phone Thursday. "The phone rang and dad picked up."

    "I told him get help, come over here quick we're in the water!" William said.

    Jon jumped in his SUV and sped to the boat launch where he thought his parents might be sinking.

    But Forsythe made the same mistake his parents made. He drove down the boat launch and into the water too. Before he knew it, his SUV was sinking alongside his parents van.

    "He was able to roll his window down, and get out of the car and he swam across to the van," said William. "Our van was like a coffin."

    Forsythe used a tool tossed to him by a security guard on scene to try and break out the back window of the van where William and Tammy were submerged. Forsythe eventually used his fists to shatter the window.

    "We were able to get through the window. He got us out on the ramp, by that time the car was completely submerged" William said. "We had less than a minute to spare before it would have been all over."
    Like father, like son: 2 cars sink - Local News - Seattle, WA - msnbc.com

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    ya know - there might be an honorable mention in the Darwin Awards for this guy...

    proof that there are some people who can handle the pressure of emergency situations... and some who CAN'T

    thank God everyone survived the cluster bomb...

    Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

    Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.

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