BBC News - Gunman dies following house siege

A man has died after he was shot as an eight-hour siege was brought to an end by police in West Yorkshire.
Earlier, an officer had received minor injuries after shots were fired by the man in a house in Kirkheaton, Huddersfield on Monday night. Armed police then surrounded the property.
The gunman, 42, was brought from the house at about 0600 GMT on Tuesday after police returned fire.
He was taken away in an ambulance but died later in hospital.
The siege took place in a terrace of houses just off Cockley Hill Lane, near the centre of Kirkheaton village.


The incident began at about 2200 GMT when police went to arrest a man on suspicion of making threats towards another man at a nearby property earlier in the day.
When he saw the officers he produced a handgun and opened fire, hitting one of them.

It's not legal to possess a handgun in the Uk so this is an illegally held weapon used by the suspect in this case.