A San Tan Valley area man was arrested Christmas morning after officers found him asleep and parked in the middle of the Mesa street, court records state.

Mesa Police responded to a call around 1:30 a.m. about a car in the middle of First Avenue near Main Street and Mesa Drive and found Robert M. Morales, 36, asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle.

According to court records, Morales' shoes were off, the driver's seat was reclined, the key was in the ignition, and the vehicle was in drive without any lights on.

When an officer asked Morales why he was in the middle of the street, he said that "he could sleep wherever he wanted," records state. He told other officers his name was Robert Rios.

The officer smelled alcohol on Morales and said his eyes were bloodshot and watery. Morales also slurred his speech and could not keep still, records state. However, he refused to perform any sobriety tests without talking with a lawyer beforehand.

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