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    VA: Slap, not eat, kids okay

    You can't "eat the kids" in Virginia, but you can "slap" them at least that is the message the state seems to be sending through its license plate policy.
    On Virginia's traditional plates, license numbers are placed in the middle of a border that reads "Virginia" at the top and "Kids First" at the bottom. Two years ago a Virginia man was told that his customized license plate "EAT THE" suggested cannibalism of children when the letters were positioned in the middle, and despite fighting against the decision, the Department of Motor Vehicles forced him to give up the plate.
    But while the Virginia DMV pulled that plate, a photo has surfaced online suggesting the agency is currently allowing another one that reads, "SLAPS."
    Yes, that's: "Virginia Slaps Kids First."

    Virginia License Plate Pranksters Can't 'EAT' Kids but Can 'SLAP' Them? - FoxNews.com
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    Hey I'd rather be slapped than eaten any day.

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    So I guess shoots, stabs, hammers etc are out?
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