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    DUI: Russian Diplomat Strikes NYC Officer

    Diplomatic immunity could get a Russian diplomat out of trouble after police say he hit an NYPD officer along the FDR Drive while allegedly driving under the influence.

    It happened around 9:00 p.m. Saturday at East 108 Street which was closed for construction.

    Police say the diplomat, 29-year-old Ilya Morozov who lives in the Bronx was allegedly driving drunk when he swerved onto the side walk to get around a set of traffic cones.

    An officer who tried to stop the car was hit.

    The officer was taken to Weill-Cornell Medical Center, where he was treated for a knee injury and released.

    Morozov was given seven summonses including one for DWI and released.

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    That makes me sick... Them getting away with crap like this. Hope the officer is ok.

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    That crap's been going on for years. Ask the New York City Violations Bureau about who the top ticket scofflaws are.

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    I'd eject his ass from the country.

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    FishTail Guest
    PNG him.

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    Any diplomat would have to do alot worse than that to be declared persona non-grata in the US. You wouldn't believe what the US State Department is willing to put up with.

    Or rather... force the REST of us to put up with.



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