A local market owner said he attacked two robbers during a holdup, not because they were robbing his store, but because the bad guys were so rude about it.

"I was really very cooperative with two people with guns, but you lose it now, now this is more than enough," Sunshine Market owner Mark Barsoum said.

On Jan. 21 just after midnight, two masked men, armed with handguns, burst into the store and demanded cash.

"I realized that this was a robbery. So, I opened up the register to give the guy the stuff. They start to push me around and they were very rude," Barsoum said. He has owned the neighborhood market for 28 years. "I said, 'Hold on, I give you the money and whatever you want, I give you. There is no need to get rowdy here.'"

But they did get rowdy, forcing a handicapped customer down on the floor and into some shelves, while kicking him around.

"They were picking up boxes of Cigarillo. I let them have it," Barsoum said. "I even help them to take the boxes and out it up front after they take the money and beat up on one of the customers, which he's on disability."

After the men got the goods, it seemed they were ready to split, but then, "He came back for more change, nickels and dimes," Barsoum said. "So I attacked this guy, especially [because] he was smaller than me. And the other guy came from behind me and hit me on the head with the gun."

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Store Owner Fights Robbers 'Because They Were Rude' - WJW