Two Minneapolis Officers Arrested; One For DWI

(WCCO) Minneapolis Two Minneapolis Police Officers were arrested early Tuesday morning in Columbia Heights, Minn., Minneapolis Police Spokesman Ron Reier said.

According to police reports, Lindsay Anderson, 29, from the 3rd Precinct, was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Her boyfriend, 35-year-old Steven Herron, from the 1st Precinct, was arrested for obstruction of justice.

The Columbia Heights officers said Anderson drove Herron's car into a parked pickup truck, which then crashed into another parked car.

Reports said Anderson had a blood alcohol content of .22, which is nearly three times the legal limit. She was taken to a squad car and held while officers were clearing up the scene.

Officers reported that Anderson threatened officers while kicking and punching the windows in the car she was sitting in.

Herron, who was allegedly drunk as well, was arrested after repeatedly trying to talk with Anderson and refusing to follow instructions.

Officers said they warned him to go back to his car and when he refused to follow directions, they tried to arrest him. When he didn't place his hands behind his back, officers said they tasered him twice to get him to comply.

Both officers were placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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Police Report in PDF format

Sounds like a smart couple...