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    Good Morning America

    Hmmm....I'm watching a news piece on GMA on ABC. Apparently a child of a police officer in Alaska is being disciplined by having to eat hot sauce and being subjected to ice cold showers. The child is a 7 yr. old boy that was adopted from Russia when he was five. Dad is an Alaskan police officer.
    I am ALL for discipline and structure for children, but I think that this is overboard. Just think of the times that you have had to be pepper-sprayed for OC training....now, imagine a 7 year old boy, new to our culture having to endure this.
    I was raised by a mother that had a habit of beating the hell out of me at the drop of a hat. I swore that I would be strict but not with physical punishment with my son. It has worked out well and he will be twelve, next month.
    The Alaskan mom has been charged with child abuse. An interesting part of this case is that the couple has 4 natural children and they are not treated in the same way. Many of these Russian children arrive emotional and mental problems. I would think that treating him with love and yes, strictness is the best way to go. This child probably already feels "different" and further isolating him by using these over-the-top disciplines is only going to cause more problems.

    Dad needs to step in a lay down the law with his wife. If she is going to continue this behavior, the boy is better off in another home.
    My 2 cents....and an angry two at that!


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    Saw that on Fox too... I don't know if it's legally child abuse or not, but it's pretty sick. I think the cold shower may be worse than the hot sauce. It looked like she used cheap sauce, which is better than using Tobasco I guess.

    We used to get whipped with belt buckles, so can't really say what she did was all that bad physically since it would have had no lasting effect, but it's bound to cause emotional issues.

    Of course, it also depends on what the kid did, which they never explained - Repeatedly darting out in a busy street would call for a different punishment than simply being disruptive... And if other measures failed.. I donno. Sometimes I'm glad that I never had kids.

    I think if I had been faced with that, it'd be time to call the CPA and my supervisor and let them figure it out.

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