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    Suspect in DUI has potentially fatal level of alcohol

    An East Helena man arrested for driving under the influence early Wednesday morning tested with a blood-alcohol level of 0.436 percent — more than five times the legal limit and an amount that could cause death in some individuals.
    Justice of the Peace Mike Swingley, a former Montana Highway Patrol trooper of 22 years, said this was the highest he has ever seen. The highest blood-alcohol level he had previously seen was a 0.409, he said.
    “Usually by the time that happens the person is unconscious,” Swingley added.
    Trooper Ben Havron arrested Philip A. Pietz for first offense DUI after finding the 38-year-old man’s truck high centered on a large rock in the entrance to a driveway on the 3600 block of Wildfire Road, according to Justice Court documents.
    Havron said prior to getting stuck on the rock, Pietz had driven through several yards in the area, striking a tree and smashing through a few fences. An investigation into the incident continues.
    “It was actually surprising how coherent he was. He was walking and talking,” Havron said. “I knew he was impaired. He was obviously impaired. The way he was acting I would have thought he was about 0.15.”
    According to Havron, Pietz would not say how much he drank, only that it was “a lot.”

    Suspect in DUI has potentially fatal level of alcohol
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    It's not the highest I've ever seen, but it's pretty damn high. And it is incredibly high considering he was driving. Wow.

    Highest i've ever seen was a "greater than" .60 on a detox. He was also walking and talking.
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    I saw a .41 that I did not even think would make .10 years ago. His wife said he was an extreme alcoholic. I figure he probably woke up above .15 everyday and started over.

    It's wild how the body will develop tolerances like that.
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