MAYWOOD (KTLA) An 18 year old man who family members and neighbors described as "troubled" is under arrest Saturday in connection with the murder of his mother whose dismembered body was discovered in a freezer.

18 year old Moises Meraz Espinoza walked into the East L.A. Sheriff's Station with a family member and reportedly admitted to the gruesome crime.

Investigators went to the apartment in the 5600 block of Maywood Ave. and discovered the body of a woman in a freezer.

The woman, reportedly the man's mother, had been cut into several pieces with a saw, according to sources close to the investigation.

Family members tell KTLA that Meraz Espinoza had been depressed and had been acting strangely.

A family member who didn't wish to be identified told KTLA that Meraz Espinoza may have been suffering from depression after his girlfriend was hit by a car and killed four months ago

Maywood Body: Deputies Say Son Admits Killing Mom, Stuffing Her in Freezer -

Meraz Espinoza may have been suffering from depression
Ok, really? How's this for a headline?
Maywood Family Calls Freezer Body Suspect a "Criminal"